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Hour Zero’s central focus is to generate solutions to economic problems in Toronto. Our targets are at-risk youth, minorities, and low-income families. We impact our community directly through media arts and film production. In fact, we use these mediums to promote a high standard of moral integrity that lies upon the foundation of Reformed Christianity.


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The Mission

Our mission is to construct a culture that lies upon the principles of love, respect, and faith. We believe that having a good foundation can uplift the community by teaching them both hard-skills and soft-skills which will in turn enable them to excel in our society.
Masterpiece is a media arts program that provides underserved Toronto youth with media arts courses, to advance education. Masterpiece workshops are offered in-person for hands-on activities, as well as online, for in-depth courses on creative software applications. They will have access to professional cinema cameras and studio equipment. Moreover, the program provides coverage for software application subscriptions. Furthermore, participants will engage in business workshops that will teach them how to submit their independent projects to distributions such as Amazon Prime Video and create their own website to showcase their work.
The Need
Based on the 2016 census, Statistics Canada has shown that just under 30% of census families are run by a lone-parent. In these private households, more than 50% of people are earning less than $30k a year. Approximately 55% of those individuals have either not moved beyond a high school diploma or have even graduated at all. We believe that if youth are given the tools to be successful, they will more likely be encouraged to pursue higher education. By providing youth with arts programming through “Masterpiece”, we can demonstrate how students can use education to find opportunities to work in fields they enjoy.

History and Impact

In the Winter of 2020-2021, Masterpiece collaboratively delivered digital media courses, alongside the Vision Infinity project, on Hour Zero's external learning platform. The courses were offered to youth in the Greater Toronto Area. Vision Infinity was empowered by TakingItGlobal and funded by the Government of Canada.

Youth received coverage for digital media applications, web hosting and domain registration. New studio equipment was donated to a third-party non-profit corporation.

In the Summer of 2020, Masterpiece was sponsored by ArtReach. Hour Zero partnered with the Rexdale Women's Centre to deliver online courses during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Youth received Adobe Creative Cloud single application plans, free web hosting and domain registration.


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