Media and Production

Hour Zero provides interactive media development, branding, and marketing services to clients who desire to establish or promote their company.

Masterpiece: Media Arts Program

We offer various types of programs that range from content creation to website development. The participants will work with professionals as they develop their skills through hands-on activities or exercises.

Hour Zero is a social enterprise that applies business solutions, in the area of digital media, to social problems that affect marginalized communities.

Community Economic


What We Do

Hour Zero’s central focus is to generate solutions to economic problems in Toronto. Our targets are at-risk youth, minorities, and low-income families. We impact our community directly through media arts and film production. In fact, we use these mediums to promote a high standard of moral integrity that lies upon the foundation of Reformed Christianity. Our affiliated companies, HZ Studios Inc. (Hour Zero Studios), a media and production company, and the Hour Zero Foundation, a non-profit organization—associated with the Hour Zero brand—collectively provide solutions to social problems through digital media.

Our means of creating a sustainable economy are using film production to educate and encourage individuals while investing in charitable causes and providing non-profit programs to marginalized groups of people.

The Hour Zero Foundation is the main contributor to our community economic development initiative. The non-profit organization focuses primarily on helping individuals develop the skills they need to succeed as content creators and artists. It provides non-profit courses in Cinema, Visuals Arts, and Website Building.

HZ Studios Inc. contributes to this cause by providing individuals with paid opportunities to join professional production crews and casts. The content is created to educate, uplift, and encourage its viewers. Moreover, business ventures are used to create positive outcomes and solutions to social problems.

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