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Hour Zero provides interactive media development, branding, and marketing services to clients who desire to establish or promote their company.

Masterpiece: Media Arts Program

We offer various types of programs that range from content creation to website development. The participants will work with professionals as they develop their skills through hands-on activities or exercises.

Please give us feedback following your participation in our program.

Evaluation Forms 2021

Please choose an evaluation form below.

For Participants:

  • Student Evaluation

For Staff Members:

  • Teacher Evaluation

Teacher Evaluation

    Overall, how would you rate the program?
    Did participants develop artistic skills through the program?
    Did participants consistently show up to the program?
    How was the overall organization and structure of the program?
    What did you learn?
    How do you feel about how the program was delivered?
    What skills did you build through running the program?

    Student Evaluation

      Which program(s) did you participate in?
      Intro Website BuildingIntro Cinema & Media ArtsIntro Visual Arts
      Overall, how would you rate the program?
      Do you know more now about media arts than you did before going into the program?
      Were the instructors knowledgeable about what they were teaching?
      Were program leads friendly, approachable, and easy to talk to?
      Are there ways you think your program could be more impactful or accessible?
      What was your favourite part of the program?
      What do you think were the strengths and weaknesses of the program structure?
      What other skills did you learn (eg. leadership, time-management, confidence, professionalism, sales, working independently, marketing, branding, etc.)?

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