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Hour Zero’s central focus is to generate solutions to economic problems in Toronto. Our targets are at-risk youth, minorities, and low-income families. We impact our community directly through media arts and film production. In fact, we use these mediums to promote a high standard of moral integrity that lies upon the foundation of Reformed Christianity.


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Visual Arts Workshop

Visual Arts Workshop


About this course

Photo editing skills will be taught with Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom. Participants will learn the necessary skills needed to create illustrations, graphics, and logos.


Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom
Download Adobe Creative Cloud


Download Photoshop Express: Play Store (Android), App Store (iPhone)
Canva – Free Online Graphic Design Platform

Other Instructors

Visual Arts Instructor

Motion Design Instructor


How can I participate?

You must wait for approval by the Hour Zero team after registration.

How can I become a teacher?

You can apply on our website to become a teacher.

How do I access my student/instructor account?

You can access your account by logging in with the information that was provided to you.

How long will I have my Adobe Creative Cloud Plan?

Please check the Course Description to see the details of your Adobe Creative Cloud Plan.

Where will these services be delivered?

These services will be delivered to youth in the Greater Toronto Area.


Feedback from our participants.

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  • Davin Rankine
    I'm truly blessed to be apart of this program as a creative

    The in-depth training, teaching and overall experience is phenomenal; every lesson is taught more so in a personal one on one setting which helps out a ton whenever learning new concepts/information. It’s an open space to ask questions WHENEVER you want and there’s no judgment from the instructors or any other students at that. It feels more so like a friends/family space compared to a general (online) classroom. Last but not least, this program truly is a blessing and one of the best opportunities I’ve had in my life since it’s free of charge…I get to learn and personally communicate with professionals in this field!

  • Nicholas Williams
    Most Helpful Program To Date

    This program all around is the best program I’ve taken beginner or intermediate there are a lot of new skills you can take away from this course to boost your knowledge. 10/10 Definitely recommend

  • Teru Ikeda
    Lots of chances to ask questions

    It’s an intimate virtual learning experience. Jamal Omar explained very question I had thoroughly, and I found this extremely useful. Thank you Hour Zero for offering a learning opportunity. Appreciate it!


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Total number of students in course: 6

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